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What are we supporting in the arts community for 2020?

NES provide experienced, professional and proactive technical staff whom work regularly with both our partners and our own hire equipment. We only employ the best and brightest in our technical teams with experience you can trust. Our company Directorship have a combined 30 years of technical expertise in live events and provide oversight to ensure the highest standards are maintained from all of our staff.


That we can assist you with:

  • Front of House Engineering

  • Monitor Engineering

  • Wireless Systems

  • Lighting Operation 

  • Lighting Designer

  • Backline Technicians

  • Playback Engineers

  • Camera Operation

  • Broadcast Technicians

  • Video Wall Technicians

  • Vision Mixer Operators


We have qualified, experience staff who can take a lead role in planning and operating pyrotechnics for your theatre, sport, music, or corporate event.

Our technical capabilities have been developed through hard work as a “gigging” family. We have organised, supplied, and worked for 100’s of events across the UK and Europe. Passion is what drives our team to continue developing in production technology and research and development or audio, lighting, and video systems.

If you would like to know more about our research and development for manufacturing please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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