Show Calls and Stage Crew

Theatre, Rock N' Roll, and Broadcasting...

Outstanding standards for world beating productions. NES has a proud track record of providing excellent followspot operators, stages hands, board operators and much more to number 1 touring musicals and live productions across the UK. Our production family are highly skilled and knowledgable and will work seamlessly with your team to deliver a quality performance.

Followspot Operators

Skilled and prepared. Our followspot operators work closely to ensure a well-managed team is always prepared and well drilled to deliver even the most technical of cue sheets. 

Stage Hands

Our stage hands are professional and experienced. From inflatable bean stalks to fire breathing dragons, we are here to help support your production.  

Board Operators

Need a board operator for your show run? Always ready for your “GO”, our team of op’s can help. 

Projection Operators

3D Pantomime cutscenes, local productions, or arts funded projects. We have experienced operators for your projected content. 

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